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The stylish interiors of the historic Boglewice Palace are a dream space for artistic ventures.

We organize regular meetings with art out of passion and needs of the heart. We started with modern art exhibitions and open-air paintings, before the renovation of the Palace.

IN 2018

We launched the “Visiting Academy of Arts”, during which talented educators and artists conducted unique workshops developing the artistic skills of children and youth. Among them were:

Agnieszka Szymańska-Kierlandyczyk – choreographer, choreotherapist, actress, instructor, teacher

Małgorzata Lewińska – actress, theater instructor, teacher

Krzysztof Jaworski – guitarist, member of the rock band HARLEM, songwriter, composer and music producer

prof. Artur Krajewski – painter, draftsman, multimedia artist

Marta Olbryś – journalist and culture animator

After the restoration of the underground and right wing of the Boglewice Palace, a collective exhibition of ceramics by six authors: Justyna Skowyrska-Górska, Zofia Juszczak, Joanna Ludwiczuk, Anna Madeja, Joanna Staniszewska and Katarzyna Świder-Kędzior was held. The vernissage was preceded by workshops for children on decorating ceramics by the RAKU method with firing of work in specially prepared outdoor furnaces.

We were visited by renowned musicians, creating songs inspired by the Boglewice Palace and its guests.

Just before Christmas, the children had the opportunity to change into confectioners and take over the palace kitchen during baking and artistic decorating gingerbread.

IN 2019

We also did not idle into the palace interiors, we invited the illustrator Maria MROUX Bulikowska, who led workshops for children and young people on logotype design. As a result, three students won the Grójec Poviat Eldership competition for their new logo and slogan.

Photo workshops led by Elena Matiash also took place here.

We hosted musicians, actors, models, and various artists who found inspiration for their artistic projects in the interiors of the Boglewice Palace.

The Foundation established the “Academy of Sciences”, which creatively introduces children to science and technology during regular workshops.

Workshop leaders:

in Physics – prof. Andrzej Wysmołek

from Robotics – Jarosław Panasiuk Ph.D.

from Chemistry – Kamila Pruszkowska, MA and Anna Zep, Ph.D.

in Programming – Kuba Jurkiewicz, MA

with Mathematics – Marcin Choiński, MA

in Architecture – Tomasz Grygiel, MA

Just before Christmas, a real gift for children living in the surrounding villages and towns was prepared by the actors Laura Breszka, Laura Samojłowicz and Mateusz Król. Playing the role of fairy-tale characters divided into roles and voices, they first read known fairy tales. Then, after short acting workshops, together with the children they performed unique performances inspired by: Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and Puss in Boots

Contact us if you are interested in organizing events related to art.