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Boglewice charm with a beautiful and captivating garden, located on a vast area, which was designed over 100 years ago. It provides unique six hectares of restful greenery and landscape that invite you to their harmonious space.

Relaxing in the shade of majestic oaks, limes and chestnuts brings relief, even on hot summer days.

All listed is complemented by the lush greenery of beautiful lawns, a historic fountain, rhododendron and picturesque ponds with wild birds, which become the perfect scenery for picturesque vernissages – painting and photography. It constitutes a plan for the implementation of film and photo production, and above all encourages you to take a break and listen to the sounds of lush nature.

HERE TIME can wait.


At the heart of our garden there is a bower with a view of the Palace, wild parts of the park, rhododendron and a pond where birds of Old Polish species swim. It’s a convenient place to relax, have a picnic or a romantic scene arranged for the needs of photo sessions.

INSURED in greenery, we can feel harmony and stop in peace among the noise of trees and shrubs, the singing of birds and the croaking of frogs, gloating with the picturesque views, listen to yourself.


Two restocked, picturesque ponds are an integral part of the garden. This place will allow you to indulge in relaxation and reflections on the water’s edge, take a boat ride together in a romantic setting.

We invite you to meetings organized by the owners of the Boglewice Palace, who, moving to the bosom of nature, away from the hustle and bustle and noise, completely fell in love with this place.

Currently, following the model of nineteenth-century customs, the space of the Palace lives on the idea of ​​the “Open House” in which parties are organized. The world of culture and art meets here, and artists come to film and photo productions.

The Family

We are happy when Boglewice is teeming with life and laughs of the youngest are heard. Especially for families with children, in our garden we have built a real house with a mini playground and bird feeder. Kids are happy to play hide and seek and watch animals in the park.