The Boglewice Palace has been restored and recreated with due care while maintaining the original character of the building. The owners invite you to classic interiors, full of subdued colors and light, conducive to relaxation, subtly complemented by the latest solutions of modern architecture.

At the entrance greets a representative, spacious HOL, which shimmering, stone floor glistens with delicate shades of gray.

The central, lively rooms of the Palace are arranged in an enfilade: DINING ROOM with a beautiful, historic fireplace – which is a necessary complement to the space and a spacious terrace with access to the garden. KITCHEN with an original copper eaves and mesmerizing finish of old nineteenth-century buildings, GALLERY with day terrace.

In the right wing of the Palace there is a BALL ROOM, which came alive again, hosting musicians, vocalists and the world of art; successfully used for film and photo production.

The wings of the Palace are surrounded by spacious terraces, where we encourage you to contemplate among the hospitality of the century-old park and its inhabitants. In June, owls can be observed there, and cranes in August.

On the first floor of the Palace there are private, spacious, luxurious apartments with bathrooms and garden views. Elegant, palace bedrooms are an enclave of peace and relaxation.

An integral part of the Palace are the UNDERGROUND, in which you can move into completely different, atmospheric spaces maintained in a club style. This place is ideally suited as a location for your dream vernissage, concert or theater performance. You can also feel like in an atmospheric cafe or wine bar while starting your imagination.

 We cooperated with:

Kacper Gronkiewicz
Interior architect
Wanda Karpińska
Interior design