The palace invites you to spend quality time. Its energy makes us slow down, and our senses embrace sensitivity to the beauty and harmony of the surrounding nature.

When renovating the Boglewice Palace, we thought of this “life project” as a place for our family, and we wanted to confront the idea of ​​an “Open House” in which inspirational events, concerts and art exhibitions are organized. 

We are happy about how much appreciated our work is invited artists, screenwriters, producers who want to use the charm of the place and act in the scenery of their film productions or photos – emphasizes Anna Maria Panasiuk.

We are pleased to open the door of the Palace for the world of art and business.

We organize meetings with inspiring people who have original passions and talents. These are not ordinary events, but such, the most important are important sent, whether artistic or, for example, promoting slow life …

These events are addressed especially to families. We invite users, managers busy every day, people dealing with this time for families and their passions. Our idea is to use the possibility that parents can enjoy relax and spend time creatively with their daughters and sons.

We work hard, our children are full of activities – we need time for ourselves.

In Boglewice you can indulge in relaxation in the company of nature. Maybe we drink coffee and see cranes resting against the evening sun, and then play volleyball with our children …

We also invite you to contact us and share your ideas – we are waiting for inspiring ideas, maybe it is in our palace and garden space to realize your project.

Our mission is to compare historical values ​​and contemporary human needs needed today. To this end, associated with the lives of foundations that organize our projects. The implementation of our offer is guided by the principle of non-profit.

Film productions, Photo Sessions

Implementing the idea of ​​”Open House”, we believe that the energy of people staying in them has a positive effect on the interior. Everyone enriches the space with their presence. We invite people sensitive to culture and art. Those who want to experience and take advantage of the interiors and park restored with respect for the history, nature and harmony of architecture combinations of the nineteenth and twenty-first century.

The property is available for exclusive rent, which film and photo producers especially value. We provide discretion of implementation and support in the construction of the scenery (which can be used in the interior, numerous furniture and accessories from different eras).

Upon request, we can organize a production implementation and support team. Choose photographers, filmmakers, sound engineers, lighting technicians, stylists, set designers etc.

Boglewice Palace is supported by experienced and recognized producers who value the history, determination and passion associated with the resurrection of property.

Rental income is intended for the Foundation and serves our mission of the Open House.

The Artis Causae Foundation

We organize regular meetings with art out of passion and needs of the heart. We started with modern art exhibitions and open-air paintings, before the renovation of the Palace. In 2018, the ‘Visiting Academy of Arts’ took place in our interiors – unique workshops developing the artistic abilities of children and youth. We enjoyed the visit of 5 artists and the vernissage of their ceramic art. We were visited by renowned musicians, creating songs inspired by the Boglewice Palace and its Guests.

In 2019, the Foundation established the Academy of Sciences, which shows the world of science and technology to children and young people. Thanks to people of science and good will, these classes can take place free of charge.

Just before Christmas, a real gift for children living in the surrounding villages and towns was prepared by the actors Laura Breszka, Laura Samojłowicz and Mateusz Król. Playing the role of fairy-tale characters divided into roles and voices, they first read known fairy tales. Then, after short acting workshops, together with the children they performed unique performances inspired by: Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and Puss in Boots.

Write to us if you are interested in organizing a meeting related to our mission.