The Boglewice Palace, as many historical buildings in Poland, has a difficult history behind it. After years of fall, followed by difficult renovations, this palace again enchants with its splendor.

Before the war, the Palace was inhabited by the Berson family. On Justyna Berson’s initiative, it hosted business and culture people. According to Iwaszkiewicz, it was distinguished by its management and attitude towards the local community. At that time, Boglewice was a meeting place for outstanding people from the world of culture and art. Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, Eliza Orzeszkowa and Stanisław Moniuszko visited here. Bernard Ładysz gave concerts.

Nowadays, Boglewice Palace is the quintessence of classic 19th-century architecture and extraordinary energy. Beautiful, spacious and light interiors combine with a unique sense of aesthetics.

Reconstructing the surroundings of the Palace, the current owners tried to faithfully recreate the architecture of nineteenth-century gardens. As a result, today you can admire the Polish garden and rhododendron, in which historic species of roses bloom. The park has many garden recesses where animals live.

After years of neglect, the object has once again become an Open House, where, as once, thanks to the openness of the owners, exhibitions, concerts, workshops and various celebrations take place. Photographers and film producers love the interiors that are unique in their charm – like from Paris tenement houses.

We try to inspire to spend time creatively and remarkably. We invite guests from the world of business and art – says Anna Maria Panasiuk, the owner of the Palace.

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The Boglewice Palace – Interiors

Boglewice Palace is a unique place maintained in a classic style, moved with respect for history and modern trends.

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Boglewice enchant with a beautiful garden maintained in a naturalistic style